JUNE 18, 2015

In June of 2010, the Miami City Commission approved deal to let convicted Heroin dealer Mark Siflin build an eleven story parking garage and a 240 foot tower on top of that garage that would support 5 separate electronic billboard displays.

Also in 2010, a close friend of Mayor Tomas Regalado - a fellow who owned a number of then illegal electronic gambling machines and who also had had the misfortune of having been included in a federal indictment as part of the Cuban Mafia gang known as “The Corporation” - was invited by Regalado to be part of a very small group chaired by the City Attorney to draft language for a new ordinance that was intended to make the electronic gambling machines known as maquinitas, legal within the city limits.

These are but two of dozens and dozens of examples - actually the examples probably number in the hundreds - of scummy and corrupt deals that have been cooked up by either Tomas Regalado and/or the members of the Miami City Commission.

Most, if not all of them came with various and sundry strings attached that were intended to financially benefit the friends and political supporters of the Mayor and the Commissioners.

In turn, there have been very few deals or decisions that provided the same kinds of financial benefits to the average citizens of Miami, who unfortunately have managed during the time that Regalado has been in office to become known as residents of the “Worst City To Live In America, as well as a city that “produces a limitless number of crooked public officials, overeager developers and outlandish criminals,” and worst of all, the American City with the 3rd largest income inequality in the country.

And that’s before we even get to the topic of traffic!

A welcome first step to trying to undo the damage that has been done by this collection of dopes and corrupt scammers would be to vote out of office Willie Gort, Francis Suarez AND to refuse to vote into office Marc Sarnoff’s wife this November.

That’s probably not going to happen, so the next best thing is to try and do something positive and beneficial for all of the hard working people in the City of Miami, who even with two or three jobs are continuing to sink into poverty while the bandits at City Hall continue to cash in at the public trough, selling their votes for campaign contributions and sweetheart back room deals.

There are any number of rational and valid reasons why the City of Miami should support and pass an ordinance setting a minimum wage of $15.00 an hour that I will leave to all of the groups who also support an effort to raise the minimum wage to this amount, and I will limit my reason to just this:

It’s the least that the crooks at Miami City Hall can do for  the long suffering citizens of Miami who they’ve fucked over for so long.

It’s Miami, Bitches!