JUNE 11, 2016




Well Ken,

I warned you back in November that hiring Eleazar Melendez was going to become a problem for you, and sure enough, whether you want to admit it or not, every day that he remains in your office you suffer the consequences of your bad judgement.

But, again, like I told you in November, you’re the one who got elected, and you’re the one who gets to make the decisions, but at the same time I’m the one to gets to eat you a new asshole for making bad decisions.

Here’s the latest example of your bad decision making regarding having Eleazar Melendez as your Chief of Staff, and even worse, in control of your email account.

On Thursday evening, shortly after the decision was made to continue the debate over the Rickenbacker Marina protest, I sent you, City Attorney Victoria Mendez and Commissioner Francis Suarez a public record’s request for a copy of the June 6th letter from Carter McDowell, the letter  that had been referenced during the discussion over the the issue of whether to allow the protest debate to go forward that evening.

I sent the same request to each of you as a test to see who would respond, and how long it would take each of you to respond, because even them I figured that you would be the last one to do so.

Here is a copy of the email I sent you.

The next morning I got a response from Commissioner Suarez, who not only sent me the letter I requested, but also a copy of the rebuttal letter from the Suntex attorneys.

It took until Saturday morning, but I also got the copy of the letter from City Attorney Victoria Mendez,  Here is a copy of her email, and if you look you will see that you also received an original copy from Ibis Diaz, of Bilzin Sumberg.

As expected, the response I got from your Chief of Staff came last, and without a copy of the letter I had asked for.

First, while I suspect you don’t even know I made this request, you weren’t copied in the response - just like people keep telling me you are almost never included in any of the email responses that come from Melendez - and secondly, given that you were included in the original email distribution list from Bilzin Sumberg, as were Commissioner Suarez and City Attorney Mendez, who had no problem in just forwarding me a copy of the email - why did your Chief of Staff claim that your office would respond “as soon as practicable,” instead of just forwarding me the letter?

Would you please ask the City Attorney to provide you a copy of the page in the Florida Statute, or in the Florida Sunshine Manual, that includes as part of the explanation of what constitutes a reasonable response to a public records request that includes language that says, “as soon a practicable?”

Clearly, beside demonstrating that he’s not up to the job of being the Chief of Staff for a cub scout troop, it’s clear by this response that your Mr. Melendez has developed a bitch attitude.

That’s a bad thing to have under any circumstances, but to have a bitch attitude and think you can use it on me can only lead to my really tearing you and him a new asshole every single opportunity I get.

Pay attention Ken, you’re the City Commissioner, and you’ve made some very bad personnel choices. Either deal with those bad choices, or go out and buy enough KY Jelly to last you for the remainder of your term because there are folks beginning to line up to screw you now that they realize that you’re not ready to play in the big leagues.

Al Crespo