MAY  28, 2016



Saturday’s story in the Miami Herald about Homestead City Councilman Elvis Maldonado’s abuse his use of a city car is pretty much the same kind of abuse story that I wrote on April 11, 2010, involving Harry Gottlieb, the city’s self-described “Film Ambassador” who had been appointed by newly elected Mayor Tomas Regalado to handle the issuance of film permits for the city, and who on his very first day started using a city car as his personal car.

Every April 11th, I celebrate the anniversary of this story by thanking Harry and the Mayor, and reminding folks that if they are angry or upset about anything I’ve written in the last year, including stories about them, then they should personally thank the Mayor for appointing Harry, because it hadn’t been for that, I never would have started this blog.

The Miami Herald on the other hand, never cared about the abuse of city cars in the City of Miami during the last 6 years, whether it was Harry Gottlieb’s taking the city car pictured above home, or Angel “The Idiot Of The City” Zayon - the Mayor’s “4th son” - and his antics involving his use of city cars, including “pimping out” his Ford Focus so he wouldn’t feel embarrassed driving around in a Focus - or as the Mayor called it a “Fuckus” - or Ada Rojas, the Mayor’s Director of various things over the years who got a sizable salary increase and a new Ford Explorer after she was arrested for trying to drive trough a Presidential Motorcade on SW 8th Street, which she then used to drive family and friends all over town, and which is a story that no one other than me covered, including her mugshot and police report.

In fact, the Herald never cared about ALL of the numerous City of Miami employees who used their city cars as personal cars driving hither and yon all over the state on weekends, after they made sure to fill the gas tank at the city’s gas pump on Friday afternoons, nor have they ever showed any concern over the abuse of the City Commissioners, who in addition to getting a $9600 car allowance, used their official city SUV’s, driven by their Sgt-At-Arms to be driven around town on personal business like they were modern day Pashas.

None of that was ever news, and the Miami Herald on more than one occasion REFUSED to write about any of these abuses as long as they occurred within the City of Miami. It’s only now, that this abuse has occurred in an outlier city like Homestead that’s it’s become a news story.

Miami Herald editors are nothing if not hypocrites, biased and unethical in the way that they assign and allow stories to be written about the kinds of abuses that I and several other bloggers report on on an almost daily basis.  Time and again, the Miami Herald will only report on the little fish in these outlier cities so as to provide cover to the big fish in the big cities.

As an example of a story that the Miami Herald has refused to touch is the personal finances of Raquel Regalado, daughter of Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado - who should have been removed from office in 2011 over her actions as the Treasurer of her father’s campaign for Mayor - and who has claimed that her only source of income was the $38,000 that she earned as a member of the Miami-Dade School Board.

Last week, Regalado resigned from the School Board, meaning that she’s now an unemployed, single mother with 2 children - one suffering from autism - whose running for the top political job in the county.

How is she going to continue to finance her lifestyle, take care of her kids, and run for office while being unemployed?  Any bets on whether the Herald will do the kind of forensic financial search to get answers to that question, or will they - if they write anything at all - do a mush-mouth, sob sister story about how courageous she is to care about her community so much that she’s willing to make such a personal sacrifice?

The Miami Herald has always been a pimp and protector for the powerful in the community, and as a result they’ve been a cornerstone of the Family and Friends Plan that provides protection for any number of powerful people, starting with the Cuban Mafia collection of politicians in the cities of Miami, Hialeah and Miami-Dade County.

If you’re part of the group on that informal and unwritten list, starting with the State Attorney and including the Mayor and City and County Commissioners in the big cities within the county, the Herald and for the most part the other news media - or what passes for the news media - will often refuse to look at, much less report on the unethical and at time openly criminal behavior that these people engage in, unless or until it suits a particular agenda, or furthers the interests of an even more powerful individual on the list, as for instance how the Miami Herald has been covering the fight between art dealer Gary Nadar and deep pocket developer and art patron Jorge Perez over their fight to build a new art museum on property owned by Miami-Dade Community College. 

I’m no fan of Nadar’s, having written about him on several occasions, but it’s clear to me and many others that the way in which the Herald has reported on this story involves them putting a big thumb on the scale to support Perez.

Even when they do decide to go after one of the many sleazy politicians who, like low hanging fruit are easy pickings for anyone even remotely interested in writing about political corruption in this county, they are very careful as to how far they actually are willing to go, because in Miami, crooked politicians, fraudsters and tax cheats have a habit of coming back for a second go at elected office, now a wiser and respected elder, instead of the weasel that caused them to be removed from office to begin with, or unregistered lobbyists furthering their personal financial agendas or as the head of publicly financed civic group.

In Miami, shit rises to the top, and if they get on the Family and Friends Plan the Miami Herald will always treat them like cream.

It’s all part of why I say, It’s Miami, Bitches!