To top it off, in order to try and keep this private investigation company as secret as possible, Diaz never applied for, nor received a waiver for Off-Duty Employment to operate this company while being a city employee.

The only time he ever applied for one of those was on March 6th, 2003, when he was beginning his career as a Slumlord.

JANUARY 7, 2015







Exactly two years ago, on January 7, 2013, former slumlord Placido “Pumpkin Head” Diaz pulled his City issued Glock pistol out at the Los Ranchos restaurant at the Bayside Marketplace and threatened to kill himself over reasons that have never been explained. At the time of the incident Diaz, as a former City of Miami cop was a Reserve Officer which is why he had a city issued weapon.

At first, the Chief of Police and members of his staff attempted to sweep the incident under the rug, denying that the incident had happened until I started getting my hands on documents and interviewed employees at the restaurant who admitted that the incident had indeed happened.

It took over a year before I was able to get a copy of the 911 tape and the IA Investigation Report that the department was forced to conduct after my stories detailing how Diaz’s friend, Sergeant Carlos Mendez - who ended up being made the fall guy - violated numerous Department Policies that allowed Diaz to leave the restaurant that night without being interviewed by a Crisis Intervention Officer.

The report was purposely withheld from me by George Wysong the Assistant City Attorney who serves as the Police Department’s Legal Advisor, because months before I finally forced him to turn over the document and tape, and shortly after the IA investigation was closed in August, Diaz had been given a lateral promotion from being the Legislative Assistant to Commissioner Willie Gort - another politician on the take - to a job as the Miami Police Department’s Red Light Camera administrator.

In September of last year, as part of my story on how the unqualified children of several high-ranking Miami Police officers managed to get hired, I also obtained information that revealed that the department had never conducted a psychological evaluation on Diaz after the gun incident at Los Ranchos, and that the investigation conducted by the Police Department to rehire Diaz as a civilian employee had been conducted by the ass-kisser, Officer Aquiles Carmona.

Carmona was the same investigator who had white-washed the Investigator’s Summary Reports that let other unqualified applicants become police officers, and either his incompetence, or his willingness to ignore the rules in order to ley Diaz slip back into the police department as part of the Family and Friend’s Plan led to his failure to obtain a copy of the IA Investigative Report detailing Diaz’s activities as a strong arm thug evicting tenants for another slumlord while on duty.

This position will serve as the liaison between the Office of Hearing Boards and     
    the Police Department to coordinate the proper administrative hearings related 
    the Red Light Camera Program. Note: This is an unclassified service position.

Since September of 2013, Placido Diaz has been working at Police Headquarters in the office of Assistant Chief of Police Jorge Gomez, another ass-kisser who distinguished himself last year when I tagged him with lying to the Ethics Commission to provide cover for Crespogram favorite, Angel Zayon, who I alleged in an ethics complaint had tried to have a traffic ticket “fixed,”

This is where we pick up our story today because you see, while toiling away inside the Miami Police Department Headquarters, Placido Diaz has been operating the a private investigation company called the Innovative Investigative Group Inc.  He’s been doing this while on the public payroll.

He incorporated this company on April 4, 2014, approximately 8 months after he became the Red Light Camera Administrator. Let me emphasis that poInt. HE INCORPORATED THIS COMPANY 8 MONTHS AFTER HE WAS GIVEN A JOB WITH A DESK IN THE OFFICE OF A CITY OF MIAMI ASSISTANT CHIEF OF POLICE.

In addition, to operate a Private Investigation Agency you need to register with the state. Here is his state license information. Notice that his “physical address” is restricted because he obviously invoked the Public records exemption for current or former police officers, but yet it lists his home address as the mailing address.

So here you have Placido Diaz, an alleged rogue cop, whose abuse of his badge included the accusation that while a Sergeant on the force he was illegally acting as an enforcer evicting tenants from apartments in Coconut Grove, and who in January of 2014, after pulling out a gun in a crowded restaurant and threatening to blow his brains out was given a free pass from having to undergo a psychiatric exam, still managed to get state license to operate a private investigation agency while at the same time maintaining a day job in the Miami Police Department, as the Red Light Camera Administrator.

The best part of this job is that it provides him with a desk inside the office of Assistant Chief of Police Jorge Gomez, where in addition to having access to all of the information from the Red Light Camera company, he also has access to the Miami Police Department’s computer system.

How fucking crazy is that!?!

And before someone starts talking about Placido Diaz needing security access codes and all that bullshit to access the police department’s computer system, you got to understand that Assistant Chief Gomez’s office is the hangout for most of the scummier members of the Police Department’s Family and Friend’s Plan, among them a ghetto preacher/community activist who was accused of child molestation that led to a 2013 investigation that was eventually closed “due to insufficient evidence.”

Carmona’s whitewash resulted in a $25,000 salary increase as he passed GO.

If someone who many, if not all the Headquarters Staff knows has been accused and investigated of being a child molester - the investigation report is a public record and makes for compelling reading - is allowed to wander around the 4th Floor of the Police Department like he’s part of the department’s Command Staff, why would anyone think that Placido Diaz being given the access code to the Police Department’s computer system would be a problem? Even access to the Police Department’s confidential Red Light Camera information should be a problem for someone with a PI ticket. 

On December 16th, Diaz showed up at the ground breaking ceremony for the OMNI CRA movie studio, because obviously he doesn’t have all that much to do back at the office.  He in the dark suit wearing sunglasses.

Like I said, Diaz must have photos of somebody at City Hall screwing a goat, because there is no way that a slug like him should have ever be allowed to have access to confidential police department information while moonlighting as a Private Investigator.

This raises some interesting, if not troubling questions about what Placido Diaz actually does at work when he decides to show up.

It’s Miami, Bitches!