NOVEMBER  6, 2015

Last night, I received a copy of a Sarnoff flier that had been sent out by her campaign that was geared towards the runoff. I immediately sent her an email asking for clarification, given that she had declared that she was essentially dropping out of the race.  When I did not get a response, I went ahead and uploaded my story.  Approximately an hour later, I received a Twitter message from David Smiley of the Herald, who told me that this flier had been sent out by the Sarnoff campaign prior to the end of voting on Tuesday, when their polling showed that Teresa would come in second to Grace Solares.

While I share the concerns of a lot of folks regarding the motives and behavior of the Sarnoffs - I have after all chronicled the activities of Marc for 5 years - I can accept that the flier was not sent as part of some devious effort to lull folks into a stupor, and then try to rally Sarnoff voters to come out on November 17th.

At the same time, election law in Miami and Florida doesn’t seem up to the task of being able to sort out this particular situation, and I don't believe that the Miami City Attorney is going to stick her neck out and issue a legal opinion that will end this confusion without a runoff taking place.

Therefore, I think that it is prudent for everyone who supported Ken Russell to prepare to either fill out their Absentee Ballot when they receive it, or to go to the polls on November 17th and vote for Ken to ensure that he gets elected.

As for all of the comments that have been appearing on other blogs and on Twitter, Ken Russell has not not yet become the City Commissioner, and already he's being slammed and comments are being made about his ethics, his intelligence and his willingness to sell out even before he's sworn in.

Being an elected official in Miami - or for that matter anywhere else - can, and often is a very difficult job.  Everyone wants something from you, you are constantly being pulled and pushed by conflicting and competing issues of pubic policy that involve lots of money, powerful people who want things done their way, and an effort to try and look out for, and protect the public's interest.

Ken Russell will be facing serious challenges once he becomes a City Commissioner, and in part the challenges he faces will be made harder because Marc Sarnoff basically turned his office into a giant Pay-For-Play cash register, and the people who paid into that cash register now consider that this is the way that they are able to get what they want, and they will no doubt want that process to continue.

I think that Russell is a decent guy, with his head screwed on the right way, and that in some ways he is going to face a steep learning curve, because no one - not a single one of the candidates - had a clue of what is really involved in being the City Commissioner for District 2.

That Russell is going to make mistakes is a given. WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES! I also think he's got the character and smarts to quickly learn from those mistakes and not make them a second time, which in the real world is the best you can hope for when it comes to having people who make decisions that could impact your life, or livelihood.

I know there are some folks out there who are batshit crazy and who will never, regardless of what evidence they are provided with, give up on the various conspiracy theories that they have, but I would ask everyone else to take a deep breath, vote for Ken either by Absentee Ballot or at the polls on November 17th, and let him organize a staff, talk with folks who can provide him with the insight and guidance that he'll need to go from being a candidate to being a Commissioner, and let him start doing the job before you start bitching about what a lousy job he's doing.