APRIL 13, 2015







Pandering is part of the job description of being a politician, and it would appear that Tomas Regalado did a little of that on Sunday in his letter to the Editor of the Miami Herald supporting the purchase of land for water storage south of Lake  Okeechobee. 

However, if you live south of the Lake, and aren’t on the payroll of the major sugar growers who are opposed to this deal, supporting the purchase of this land is about as controversial as coming out in support of Motherhood and Apple Pie.

The best line in Regalado’s letter was this one:

“As a public servant, I know the importance of listening to the constituents concerns...”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. There’s nothing more important that paying attention to what the people who put you in office are concerned about.

Unless of course, you’re the Mayor of Miami.


If Tomas Regalado was really interested in listening to the concerns of constituents, the very first thing he should be paying attention to is the increase - somewhere between 10% and 13%, folks within the police department have told me - of crime in Overtown.

Overtown, for those of you who don’t pay attention, is a little portion of Miami with the ability to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in Tax Increments Funds through it’s Community Redevelopment Agency - the SEOPW CRA - that rich people and big, richer corporations keep claiming is money that they desperately need - and in fact are entitled to ahead of the poor, and mostly Black folks who live in Overtown - in order to underwrite the financing of their projects, all they claim, with the ultimate goal of creating jobs for those same poor Black folks in Overtown.

It’s all part of a larger game of Three Card Monti that has been playing out ever since the old white power structure back in the late 50’s and early 60‘s agreed to destroy the real Overtown community with the construction of I-95 and I-395.

Although the times and the skin colors have changed, the hustle remains the same, only now its Commissioner Keon Hardemon, the Chairman of the SEOPW CRA who is making deals behind closed doors, while the documents and explanations of these deals never seem to be available before a vote of the other 4 dopes on the City Commission who also serves as patsies on the SEOPW CRA Board.

All the while, Hardemon would like everyone to believe that the real reason why the poor folks in his District are being killed like sheep being led to slaughter is not because his community has been plundered and abused by both Black and White corrupt politicians for as long as there have been Black people in Miami, but because the drug dealers, who in their own way are just following the behavior of the politicians when it comes to fucking over their own people, are really domestic terrorists.

Hardemon claims that going after these drug dealers as domestic terrorists “is the realm of what I call creative prosecution.”

“Creative prosecution” doesn’t mean shit to that 10 year old kid who was killed last month in Overtown, or any of the other dozens of kids who have been shot, maimed or killed in recent years! They’re dead, and the slick talking hustlers and schemers like Hardemon, not to mention the drug dealers who killed them, are still walking around.

Nobody wants to talk about the truth behind the jive.  That 10 year old boy wasn’t the target of that drive by shooting.  The real target was an adult, and the odds are that that adult was involved in the drug trade. The killers weren’t terrorists, they were your garden variety predators taking advance of a vacuum created by piss-poor policing in communities ravaged by poverty, indifference and a willingness of corrupt politicians like Hardemon to give lip service to a claim that he’s looking out for his constituents when he does deals like giving away 88 million dollars in tax increment money as a reward to developers for building this on land in Overtown.  

While the charade that Black folks in Overtown will be the real beneficiaries of all of this giveaway of tax money that by rights and the law should have been spent on THEIR community to improve THEIR quality of life, you can drive around Overtown and Liberty City and see drug dealers pretty much doing doing deals without much concern of being interrupted by cops focused on putting them in jail.

Yet, instead of talking about how to deal with this problem, you get a lot of stupid shit about domestic terrorism.

Here’s what neither Keon Hardemon, nor Tomas Regalado want to talk about, or write a letter to the Editor of the Miami Herald about. 

For almost three years the Miami Police Department has not had an Undercover Drug Unit.

A major American city, with a long and violent history of illegal drug gangs and serving as a major point for drug distribution and the solution to dealing with street level narcotics under the Regalado administration was left to patrol officers on the street, because the Mayor figured that between the federal case where the sergeant’s in charge of one of the squads was convicted for stealing drugs, and the case that I wrote about where some of that same squad was involved in writing fake arrest reports and possibly planting a gun on a suspect, along with all the community unhappiness over the killing of the 7 Black men in 2010 and 2011, led to the Mayor and his former Chief of Police deciding that  it was better for the city’s image, and to keep the Black community off of his back, that if folks in the ghetto were going to be killed over drugs, it’d be better that they be killed by drug dealers rather than cops.

Yes, I know, that sounds racist, and in fact it’s ABSOLUTELY racist! I would contend however, that there’s nothing more racist  than the killing of some innocent 10 year old kid because the grownups supposedly entrusted with the responsibility to look out for, and protect the community he lives in decided that it’s not in his, or their, best interest to spend money and commit the level of resources that might actually make his neighborhood a place that could nurture a chance for him to have a better life.  And I say this even while acknowledging that the rumors point to a member of that kid’s family himself being involved in the drug trade, which is why the drug dealers showed up looking for that guy, and shot the kid instead.

A 10% to 13% increase in crime is nothing to sneeze at in an urban area as small as Overtown, and you might think that the Mayor of Miami might consider these problems - the killings, the increase in crime and the failure of his administration AND his police department to respond to some of the conditions leading to these problems before the killings take place as issues that he might want to focus on, especially since I was told he’s been a consistent no-show at any of the community events and discussions dealing with this killing.


Over the years I’ve probably written a couple dozen stories, not to mention filing 5 separate lawsuits against the City of Miami for their failure to obey Florida’s Public Records law.

Rather than write about it again, I think that the following two videos do much more to reveal just how fucked up things are in the City of Miami when it comes to the employees of the City - starting with the City Attorney - obeying the law.

The first video is attorney Sam Dubbin explaining in detail to a judge just how the City behaved in denying him and his client access to documents related to the Watson Island development.

This second video was actually recorded inside the lobby of the Mayor’s office, and reveals what happened when someone requested a copy of the Mayor’s Visitor’s Log, which was sitting on the receptionist’s desk.  The person who comes out, takes that document, folds it up, sticks it in his pocket and calls the cops, was none other than Commander Raymond Carvil, the Chief Sergeant-Of-Arms, and the Mayor’s bodyguard.

When it comes to obeying the laws of Florida, Tomas Regalado has always behaved like a tinhorn Banana Republic dictator.


Back in the day, when people had even more cowshit for brains than they do today when it comes to the environment - although some people are always destined to have cowshit for brains regardless of the times they live in - no one thought anything was wrong in dumping the residue from the old fashioned incinerator plants wherever there was an empty lot.

As a result, an awful lot of land within the City of Miami managed to get contaminated.  Some of those lots ended up becoming City Parks, and now folks are rightfully upset over discovering that their kids are playing and eating dirt that’s laced with all kinds of toxic chemicals.

The story would be bad enough just on the merits of the discovery of these toxic properties, but this is Miami where on top of a real outrage there is also often an additional outrage created by devious and duplicitous activities undertaken by city officials and politicians, such as the revelation that the City had in its possession the report that revealed this contamination for several years, and conveniently ‘misplaced’ it in a filing cabinet until an enterprising college student started looking for it.

And then of course there’s Commissioner Sarnoff, who sticking one finger up his ass, and the other in his mouth spun around three times in an effort to try and figure out how to turn this disaster to his advantage, while at the same time trying to screw the residents of his District.

I wrote about this issue back last October, and included the following snippet of video from the Mayor’s swearing in speech after he was reelected.

The Mayor’s always been big on the claim of looking out for the “Little Peeple.”

Unbfortunately, the Mayor has not uttered a peep on behalf of the “Little Peeples” when it comes to the issue of cleaning up all of the remaining parks.  Blanche Park was the very first park to be cleaned up because Sarnoff lives across the street and he couldn’t run his wife to replace him and her be attacked by the folks in the neighborhood about their park being contaminated. The folks who live around Merri Christmas Park were lucky enough to have a guy with 2 little kids living across the street from the park and who had the smarts to rise to the occasion and organize a resistance to counter Sarnoff’s bullshit, but that still leaves 8 to 9 more City Parks who need, and deserve, the same level of attention and commitment to cleaning their parks, as the folks around Blanche and Merri Christmas Parks received.

Since its obvIous that Sarnoff figures that he’s covered his ass, and Commissioner’s Suarez and Carollo are essentially too stupid and incompetent to look out for their constituents who live around those parks, the person who should be expected to stand up and speak for ALL the residents of ALL the parks in the City is the Mayor of Miami.

If he can write a letter to the Editor of the Miami Herald in support of the Everglades Restoration Plan, then as the Mayor of the City he should be willing to do a damn site more for the city parks in his own city!

It’s Miami, Bitches!