FEBRUARY 24, 2016

From: Ricardo Roque

Subject: Force to Resign

I am writing to the commissioners as a professional that I am to clear the air and what I have been told that the administration is telling all the officers and staff member that I had resign on my own because of new avenues I wanted to considered, this is an UNTRUE statement, I was forced to resign,

On Monday February, 22 2016 a meeting was set my the Chief of Staff Ralph Ventura at his office at 9:30 am present was the Director of HR, Joanna in which time Chief of Staff Ventura advised me that the Mayor and the Chief wanted my resignation, I ask him when was it effective and he replied immediately, he showed me a two line memo he had drafted for my resignation and told me that I could use the one he had drafted or draft my own, I advised him that I would draft my own which was the one that I e-mail all of you which stated as follow.

This is to inform all sworn and civilian employees that I was forced to resign, effective immediately, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all employees (both sworn and civilian), who assisted me with moving the department forward for the past several months. All the recommendations, views and ideas you brought out to me regarding the improvement of the department were deeply appreciated and value.

I was indeed fortunate to be present with an opportunity to be part of the changes that were necessary to gear this department to be a professional Law Enforcement Agency. I am also proud and honored to have been part of the decision making of the day to day operation; as well as the growth and development of the organization.

I have learn throughout my thirty-six years of Law Enforcement Experience that the best strategies can only be fully realized with a well-trained and motivated workforce, along with the professional and enthusiastic manner brought forth by each individual. I hope the impact I leave ,is a positive one for the future of this department.

The above is my letter of resignation I forward to all the employees of the City of Sweetwater, the Chief has the final decision who he wants on his staff, I wanted to be very clear I did not wanted to leave my job, a job that it was not completed, I was forced to resign without an explanation. I do not know why is the Chief is stating that I resign on my own which is a lie HR director was present at the meeting have her testified under oath as to the minutes of the meeting.

A lot has happened since my last report on the antics going on in Sweetwater, the town created by Russian Circus Midgets at the edge of the Everglades.

To recap for those new to the Crespogram, former slumlord and Miami officer Placido “Pumpkinhead” Diaz, who after leaving the force one step ahead of an IA investigation into his alleged activities as muscle for another slumlord and became an aide to Commissioner Willie Gort - during which time he pulled out his Reserve Officer, department issued semi-automatic pistol one night in the middle of a restaurant at Bayside and threatening to kill himself over a martial dispute - and who then, after the Police Department whitewashed the incident by punishing the cop who showed up at the restaurant and allowed Diaz to walk away before he could be evaluated by a Crisis Intervention Officer, turned around and  became a civilian employee of the Police Department as the city’s Red Light Camera administrator, then showed up last year as the new Chief of Police for the City of Sweetwater, driving a clown car that included former Miami Assistant Chief Ricardo Roque, Major Raul Herbello and police officer Aquiles Carmona, three stellar examples of the fine quality of manpower that Miami’s Police Department has become known for nurturing. (You can read about all of this HERE and HERE.)

The arrival of the Pumpkin Patch Gang did not sit well with the members of the Sweetwater City Commission, who rejected Mayor Orlando Lopez’s effort to have them approve the appointment of Diaz as the permanent Chief - he came in as the interim Chief - and even went so far as to defund the 4 positions that Diaz and his gang were given by the Mayor from the budget as a way to force the Mayor to get rid of them.

That didn’t deter the Mayor or Diaz and his pals who claimed that they would work for free because they loved Sweetwater so much.

A couple weeks ago the Mayor supposedly sued the City Commissioners over their budget actions, and the Commissioners returned the favor by suing the Mayor for being a moron - just joking, I haven’t actually seen the lawsuit, so I haven’t a clue as to why the sued the Mayor, but hiring Placido Diaz and the Pumpkin Patch Gang would certainly qualify him as being a moron in my book - and through it all Plazido Diaz and his Pumpkin Patch Gang continued to do whatever it was that Pumpkin Patch Gang  members do.

That is until a couple days ago when out of the blue, word leaked out that Ricardo Roque had been fired.

Now, I’ve written a lot about Ricardo Roque over the years, especially about his close relationship with Tomas Regalado - Roque took a leave of absence from the force when Regalado first ran for Mayor to become his campaign driver - and some of his other antics, including his using Cuban Crafters, the cigar store on NW 7th Street as his personal squad room and office when he was Flagami Commander, which led to former Chief Exposito demoting him.  That in turn led to Exposito being fired and all the crazy stuff that happened at the City Commission meeting where the Commission had to ratify the City Manager’s decision to fire Exposito.

Through it all Roque has had his supporters who would often tell me that despite his faults, Roque was a cop’s cop. Regardless of whether Roque was a cop’s cop or a semi-illiterate moron who ass-kissed his way to the top of the Miami Police Department, it turns out Roque was indeed fired, or rather in his words, was forced to resign.

Here in his own words and grammar is a copy of the letter that he allegedly posted on the LEO AFFAIRS Bulletin Board where he describes to the City Commissioners what happened to him.

What’s really interesting about this turn of events is that back when all of this first started happening I was told by several sources that it had been Roque who had convinced Orlando Lopez to hire Placido Diaz as the Chief, and that the deal was supposedly done at Cuban Crafters.

If that’s true, and I have no reason to doubt that it is, then we can add backstabber to Placido Diaz’s many other erstwhile accomplishments.

It’s Sweetwater, Bitches!