MAY  25, 2016




I was never under any illusions that Ken Russell was the solution to all the problems that plague Miami, or even District 2, but as a candidate he was head and shoulders more talented than any of the other people he ran against, and he demonstrated a determined willingness to knuckle down and work hard, so I hoped that that particular attribute - the working hard part - would carry over into his job of being a City Commissioner.

It did for a couple months, and then it appears - not only to me but to a growing number of people - that he started getting tired of the actual grunt work that comes with being a City Commissioner, and between the dazzle and bullshit that so often surrounds a bright new face on the political scene he started paying less attention to what was going on in his office and more attention to driving halfway up the state to meet with Bill Clinton, or to run to be a delegate to the Democratic National Convention, because those are all a lot more exciting and fun that reading all the attachments that are included in the briefing book that he receives every other week along with the agenda to the next City Commission meeting, or for that matter any of the other minutia that goes into mastering the finer points of governance.

Now, that doesn’t make him a bad guy, nor does it make him the next Marc Sarnoff - Sarnoff was truly a one-of-a-kind devious, duplicitous and at times brilliant politician who none the less was as twisted as anyone I’ve ever come across, and in my life and I’ve come across some really twisted people - but there are problems in Ken Russell Land, not the least those created by his lack of judgement in selecting his staff.

I will leave that comment there, but this ethics complaint in large part could end up being a reflection of that lack of judgement, or it could turn out that Russell is more devious than I give him credit for.

I really, really hope not.

In any event, I hope that the Commissioner will accept this ethics complaint as a much needed shot across the bow that will prompt him to focus on his job of being a Miami City Commissioner and not on the bedazzlement of becoming the next great white hope for the Democratic Party - I mean really, he’s only been a City commissioner for all of 4 months - and that he start an immediate and serious search for some new staff members that bring maturity, experience and attention to detail to the job, especially to the job of being his Chief of Staff.

Being the City Commissioner for District 2 is a very serious job - and one that is often boring, mind-numbing and thankless, but it’s the job he ran for, and the one he needs to master before running off to go chasing after any parades and/or being bedazzled by all the confetti and bullshit that people who would like to strap a saddle on him and ride him like American Pharaoh at the Kentucky Derby will throw at him.

It’s either that, or it’s time to buckle up Ken, because I have absolutely no problem in treating you just like I treated Sarnoff if you start acting like him, and this is just an example.