MIAMI CITY CHARTER: Section 4. Form of Government; Nomination and election, (c):

JULY 14, 2014





Before she quit to run for office, Veronica Diaz was known as Veronica Xiques.  Back then, she was an Assistant City Attorney who on more than
one occasion raised eyebrows inside the City Attorney’s Office as a result of her alleged mis-behavior that included in some folks eyes her  choice of boyfriend, the ethically challenged attorney Ben Alvarez. Birds of a feather those folks would say when conversation of the couple came up.

Veronica’s bestest gal pal is another former City of Miami Assistant City Attorney, none other than Kira Grossman, aka Little Miss Traffic Ticket.  Besides playing the part of bookends at numerous social events over the years, their friendship is so close that when Little Miss Traffic Ticket left the employment of the Miami Parking Authority a few months back, she showed up at boyfriend Ben Alvarez’s law firm, Alvarez, Carbonell, Feltman, Da Silva, where the ethically challenged former judge Ana Maria Pando, alleged girlfriend of former Congressman David Rivera also found a wall to hang her shingle.



Lest you come to the conclusion that I’m writing this story about Ms. Xiques/Diaz because of her friendship with a collection of ethically challenged lawyers, banish that thought. When it comes to being ethically challenged, Xiques/Diaz can more than hold her own in any room of sleazy lawyers.


Among her activities as an Assistant City Attorney, Veronica Xiquez/Diaz was the legal advisor to the Bayfront Park Management Trust, who hosts the Ultra Music Festival, and in that capacity she was directly involved in the negotiations with Event Entertainment Group, who puts on the festival.

In April of this year, Ted Guba, the City of Miami’s Independent Auditor sent the draft of a report that his office had been working on regarding the agreement between the Bayfront Park Trust and Event Entertainment Group.

One of the findings in the Draft copy of the report was the following:

Although not identified by name, the Assistant City Attorney who received the (2) free VIP tickets was none other than Veronica Xiques/Diaz. The City Attorney mentioned was Julie Bru, and the Deputy City Attorney was Maria Chiaro.

Now, this is not the first time that I’ve come across the problem of these Bayfront Park Management Trust Board Members lining up to get free tickets, and the explanation that I’ve gotten is that that’s their way as board members to insure things are running smoothly. That might be a semi-valid excuse if it wasn’t that all but one of these individuals didn’t just ask for 1 ticket, they all asked for 2 tickets, which means they showed with with husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend, and that constitutes freeloading in my book specially since the VIP tickets were worth $849.95 each.

That’s especially true for Xiques/Diaz since she was on her way out the door of the City Attorney’s Office at the time of the festival. She registered as a candidate on April 17, 2014.( NOTE: The full list of all of the Bayfront Park Management Trust Board members who received tickets, along with these City Attorneys and none other than Commissioner Willie Gort will be found below.)

The Guba draft report was supposed to be a secret document, exempt from the Public Records Law, and it was only given to the City Commissioners and the City Attorney’s office, yet in recent weeks, copies of this draft report along with a 2 page letter of allegations involving Veronica Xiques/Diaz and other supporting documentation was sent to a handful of bloggers.  I was provided the names of several who received it, but there probably were more.

It’s obvious to me, and to the folks that I’ve spoken with about this packet of information that it was put together and released by either campaign workers, friends or allies of Reiner Diaz de la Portilla, who is Xiquez/Diaz’s opponent in the election for Circuit Court Judge.

For the citizens of Miami-Dade County, the choice between Veronica Xiquez/Diaz and Reiner Diaz de la Portilla is a lose-lose proposition. 

Last week, Frank Alvarado, did a story about Reiner and his brothers for Miami New Times that paints a disturbing picture of the brothers in general, and Reiner in particular, that makes you wonder why, if the morons on the Miami City Commission want to spend time issuing worthless Resolutions declaring foreigners like the owners - or supposedly in one case, a former owner of Globevision TV in Venezuela to be  “Persona No Grata” - why don’t they focus on the unlimited number of local scumbags who prey and take advantage of the citizens in Miami?

Just think of it, at every City Commission meeting there could be a specific portion of the meeting dedicated to citizens coming up and detailing why this crook, that scammer, or that corrupt public official should be declared Persona No Grata in the City of Miami.  The City’s Idiot In Chief, Angel Zayon could be there ready to hand the lucky recipient a Proclamation declaring them Miami’s Persona Non Grata of the Week.

But I digress.

What’s interesting in regards to how this draft report managed to find its way out of City Hall is that in the Miami New Times article, both Commissioner Marc Sarnoff and Francis Suarez are identified as supporters of Reiner de la Portilla. I would be shocked, shocked, I tell you, to discover that either one of these two upstanding elected officials would leak a document like this to someone who they were supporting for a judgeship.

Of course I’m shocked every time I pull up to City Hall and don’t find a paddy wagon parked out front loading up people to take to jail, but that’s because I have a skewered sense of public service.


I’ve included a copy of the PDF that contains the allegations, the draft report and some other stuff below.

First, it came as a surprise to me that folks like Veronica Xiquez/Diaz don’t have to file FORM 9’s. I only found out that they didn’t when I requested that information from the Florida Ethics Commission.

Secondly, I have no knowledge of any investigations being conducted by the Florida Bar related to anything that Xiques might have done. Last year there was a rumor that she was being investigated by the Miami-Dade Ethics Commission at the same time that they were investigating former Facilities Manager Henry Torre for his supposed conflict of interest in having worked for the real estate company that he negotiated the Marlin’s Stadium Parking Lots contract with, but that claim was dismissed and I’ve never heard anything else about the Xiques issue, whatever it was.

The important thing for me is that while it might seem to be a problem in trying to enforce ethical behavior on possibly corrupt city employee through a complaint with the Ethics Commission, even if Xiques had been subject to the FORM 9 requirements, the Miami City Charter, a document that many people are unaware of, and that most people who are aware of it tend to treat as toilet paper, actually is the most powerful document of enforcement when it comes to tagging both elected officials and city employees for taking advantage of their official positions, 

Under the clear and plain language of this provision, Commissioner Willie Gort should have been charged with multiple misdemeanors and removed from office for accepting $18,000 in free bus bench advertising from FUEL Advertising.

Also under the clear and plain language of this provision of the City Charter, a lot of people in the City of Miami should be charged with criminal misdemeanors and removed from office and/or fired.

Of course that requires an ethical State Attorney, and unfortunately Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle, her Chief Deputy, Jose Arroyo, her Chief of Public Corruption Tim VanderGiesen and Assistant State Attorney Johnette Hardimon, among others in the State Attorney’s Office are more corrupt than the people they’re supposed to be prosecuting, so that presents a serious problem when it comes to trying to combat public corruption in Miami-Dade County.


Buried in this draft report  however, is a revelation that takes this story in a direction that folks in the City and the folks who put on the Ultra Music festival are probably now trying to figure out how to pretend doesn’t mean what it says.

I’ve come to that conclusion because in an exchange of emails on Friday with Ted Guba, the Independent Auditor about when the final copy of his report would be available he stated that the final report “could be substantially different from the final draft.”

“We noted that during the three (3) days Ultra event EEG scanned 4,974 comp tickets in excess of the tickets allowed.”

Now, I have no desire to put words or implications in Guba’s mouth as to how the final report might be “substantially different,  but after having read his draft report over several times, this portion of the report and the acknowledgement that the lawyers for Ultra are refusing to turn over the “names of the individuals/entities to whom the comp tickets were distributed,” is about the only item that I see that could be substantially changed, and that’s because after all the money that Ultra makes, and all the money that they spent on lobbyists a couple months ago when Sarnoff and the Mayor whined about trying to close the festival down, the above section could not only disappear, but it could be replaced by a section that praises the ULTRA folks for giving away thousands of tickets to deserving children and homeless people so that they could see the error of hanging out with crazed drug addicts and people puking and passing out.

What you can absolutely bet on is that in that unaccounted list of 4,974 comp tickets that were given away, there will be the names of city officials and employees - all in violation the City Charter.

But for now, the issue to focus on are the qualifications of Veronica Xiques/Diaz to be a Circuit Court Judge in Miami-Dade County, and I can only say that I wouldn’t let that nitwit be in charge of picking up dog shit off the sidewalk - well, maybe I’d let her do that, but I damn sure wouldn’t want to see her as a Circuit Court judge!