Making up for the lack of projected turnout by their signs, a hardy group of folks showed up at the Miami Marine Stadium access road on Saturday morning to protest the City of Miami’s efforts to turn the parking lot of the stadium into a “multi-use” flex park, which is another way of saying we’re spending $16 million of your tax dollars to basically do whatever the fuck we want to do with this property as long as it makes money for those favorite folks who are plugged into the City of Miami Family and Friends Plan.

Consider that the amount of money that the City is spending to redo this parking lot is almost, if not slightly more than all the money that they spent to redo Museum Park, and that this is supposedly on the basis of a 2 year commitment by the Boat Show.  Three years from now, when the Regalado gang will be gone from office, if the Boat Show, like many believe they will do, say that  “Thanks, but we’re going back to Miami Beach,” the taxpayers of Miami will be on the hook for the money they borrowed.

I have to admit that I was somewhat disappointed that some of the loudest voices in opposition to this project were no where to be found, but a majority of those running for the District 2 Commission seat were present.  Those notably absent were Teresa Sarnoff, Rosy Palomino and Javier Gonzalez.

All in all, it was what it was, a turnout by the usual suspects who try to put their money - or their bodies in this case - where where their mouths are.

NOTE:  I posted a couple photos at the bottom that show the construction currently underway.