APRIL 15, 2016





You can’t trust Keon Hardemon, Francis Suarez and Frank Carollo, further than you can throw them.

At yesterday’s Commission meeting, Keon Hardemon made a motion from out of the Blue to fire City Manager Danny Alfonso, and it was quickly seconded by Frank Carollo and supported by Francis Suarez.

For many in the Commission Chambers this move seemed to come from no where, but in fact the plotting and scheming to fire the City Manager has been almost 8 months in the making.

I first wrote about the plot to fire Alfonso last September, after he engaged in some convoluted personnel management changes that resulted in Police Chief Rudy Llanes getting a one year extension on his contract - as part of a deal to block Luis Cabrera from the possibility of Regalado trying to force him to make Cabrera the Chief for the last year of his DROP and Regalado’s last year in office.

These guys weren’t able to get enough votes to do the deed back then, so they backed off, but they obviously continued to plot, which raises serious questions about all of the Sunshine Law violations that have occurred going back to last August as these guys plotted and schemed, because you can’t continually engage in plotting and scheming behind the scenes to fire the City Manager at a meeting where you will be required to vote in order to do so without violating the Sunshine Law.

About a week ago I was told that there might be a new effort to fire Alfonso, but I’ve been focused on other things and figured that while there was always the possibility of a move against Alfonso, it probably wouldn’t happen ASAP.

To my surprise, and I guess a lot of other folks, the plotters decided to try and fire Alfonso at yesterday’s Commission meeting.

As is usual for these three morons who like to play like they’re grownups, they failed to secure the 4th vote needed to achieve their goal, and so after all the drama and bullshit, Alfonso remains City Manager,

I’ll leave for others to discuss and argue over all the reasons for or against Alfonso getting fired, because for me, the way in which Hardemon, Suarez and Carollo went about this demonstrates that regardless of how valid they think their reasons were for firing the Manager they have done a lot more harm to the City by their failed coup attempt than anything that the Manager might have done to cause them to want to fire him.

Here is a Tweet that Keon Hardemon sent out as this issue was being debated by the Commission.

I’ve been covering Miami City Hall for six years now - actually I’ve been so busy that I failed to acknowledge that my 6th year anniversary was on April 11th - and I’ve never seen a show of support like that shown by the professional staff for Alfonso.

This would have never happened for Johnny “The Doormat” Martinez, nor for Tony Crapp, and I doubt for even Carlos Migoya.

What is clear is that Hardemon, Suarez and Carollo probably didn’t expect it either, and now they have pissed off the city’s professional staff - the people who actually run the city and not these morons who only run their mouths - the ramifications of this show of support for Alfonso should not be underestimated.

Hardemon’s posting of this photo clearly shows his lack of understanding of the significance of the message that the professional staff was sending to the Commissioners, because its obvious he was more focused on pandering to the Haitian community over the firing of Sandy Dorsainvil, the Executive Director of the Haitian Cultural Center.

Regardless whether the Manager showed the proper deference to Hardemon before firing her - and I’m not blind, or an apologist for the claims that Alfonso can, and has one more than one occasion been tone deaf when it comes to reaching out to the Commissioners before he does something that might piss one of them off - you have to consider whether -  David Smiley reported last night, there appears to be a criminal investigation under way related to what was going on at the Center while she was the Executive Director - you also, if you’re a City Commissioner  have to look at the big picture here, which is what these morons failed to do.

For all of his faults, Alfonso has also demonstrated some important strengths, not the least of which was bringing in some competent people to straighten out the city’s financial mess.  Things are in a lot better shape financially than they were a couple years ago, and with finances being stabilized, a lot of other things started calming down.

Yes, there are employees within the city who bitch about all the people that Alfonso brought in from the county, but I think that all things considered that was a positive step because I think that the people who were there before are the reason the city was so screwed up, but that’s just my opinion looking in from the outside.

One thing for sure, this failed effort to fire Alfonso will raise red flags with the city’s lenders and the bonding companies, something that neither the City or the citizens should be happy about.

It will also cause employees to start choosing sides, and that’s ALWAYS a bad thing for the City, because no city ever needs public employees choosing up sides over a political fight to fire a City Manager.

Choosing sides affects morale, it affects job performance, and worst of all it creates an environment where the crazies and the opportunists will jump into the middle to stir up shit and create havoc - to that end, Javier Ortiz, with the FOP will probably be at the front of the pack.

Now let me be clear, the life expectancy of a City Manager staying on the job is about 2 - 21/2 years, so in that regard, Alfonso’s being fired or resigning is not, in and of itself, a cause for alarm. The problem is in making the move to fire him, and then failing to follow up with the required votes to do the job.

If Danny Alfonso had been fired, today the discussion would be all about who the next City Manager would, or should be.

Instead, today the discussion within City Hall and throughout the city is what’s going to happen now that Alfonso DIDN’T get fired, and that the professional staff of the City stood behind him in support. 

How many of those staff do you think are today rethinking their future with the City, and will now start looking for jobs elsewhere as a precaution? 

Yesterday was a bad day for the City of Miami, and the full ramifications are yet to come.

It never ceases to be Miami, Bitches!